I'm a product designer with a passion for user centered design. I am also an advocate of creative thinking approaches and design thinking.

I specialize in experience design for software. I've worked on lots of websites, web applications, mobile and social media products, applying principles and techniques from psychology and social sciences, human factors, human-computer interaction, visual design, accessibility and usability. My Ph.D focused on natural language generation and human communication with machines, a combination of AI and HCI.

I have a strong drive for innovation and have designed, envisioned and created new products for different market places and industries from scratch, as well as the strategy for bringing them to market and gaining user adoption. I bring the power and energy of design thinking to both startups and big companies. I like to focus my efforts on large-scale industry disruption.

I love to draw, take photos and skateboard. I'm a student and teacher of Yoga. I'm always exploring new things.

5 innovations you need to know about

One consequence of innovation is that the technical landscape is in constant flux. Creative technologists need to stay on top of new technological developments and inventions. It's part of the job, and it requires technical ability and understanding and research skills. For everyone else, it can be a stretch to stay on top of such a technically challenging and ever changing space. This post is designed to focus in on 5 really interesting innovations that you should know about, whatever your role. (This is not an exhaustive list of course, there are a lot of cool things happening right now.) 1. Mobile payments

2. RFID in everyday life

...and in social media

3. Electronic skin

4. Graphene

...this is what it means for consumers

5. Augmented reality

Also check out Michael Schrage's top 6 innovative ideas for this year, good post!

What are you looking forward to?