I'm a product designer with a passion for user centered design. I am also an advocate of creative thinking approaches and design thinking.

I specialize in experience design for software. I've worked on lots of websites, web applications, mobile and social media products, applying principles and techniques from psychology and social sciences, human factors, human-computer interaction, visual design, accessibility and usability. My Ph.D focused on natural language generation and human communication with machines, a combination of AI and HCI.

I have a strong drive for innovation and have designed, envisioned and created new products for different market places and industries from scratch, as well as the strategy for bringing them to market and gaining user adoption. I bring the power and energy of design thinking to both startups and big companies. I like to focus my efforts on large-scale industry disruption.

I love to draw, take photos and skateboard. I'm a student and teacher of Yoga. I'm always exploring new things.

100 ways to a better life

I make a list like this every so often, after I have been reminded of the sheer joy that is simply living. They help me when my mind is obscured by my own thoughts, or basically when I am in the way of life itself and need to step aside. The first part is being aware of when that is, and the second thing is to know how to step aside. I usually keep these in my trusty moleskin, but I decided to share this one. Maybe you can make your own and share it with the world too. I particularly loved David Good's one, it has a lot of heart. Here's mine: 1. Be the first to smile

2. Learn the Hula and share it with others

3. Greet strangers like you greet friends

4. Eat honey out of the jar with your fingers

5. Practice Yoga every day

6. Teach Yoga to those who ask

7. Exhale all the way out often

8. Chant a little every day, it's good for warming the heart

9. Sometimes drop the chanting and sing a little instead

10. Savour food

11. Name at least 5 things every day that you are grateful for

12. Laugh openly

13. Don't be afraid to touch people

14. Really enjoy this moment, the now

15. Always do the right thing

16. Take care of your feet and hands

17. Surf at every opportunity

18. Send postcards, even if you're home

19. Draw what you see with abandon

20. Attentively listen when others are speaking

21. Take regular walks outside

22. When you wash your hands, take the time to enjoy the water and the soap

23. Visit art exhibitions and observe how they make you feel

24. Always volunteer for public speaking when it's about things you love

25. Visit the fine line between fear and excitement regularly

26. Make a new friend

27. Make someone feel good every day

28. Be generous with your compliments

29. Don't judge, even if you feel judged

30. Forgive, forgive, forgive again

31. Practice non-attachment to people, objects, thoughts, feelings...

32. Be kind to those suffering (everyone)

33. Run barefoot in the grass or in the sand

34. Learn something from everyone

35. Never be too busy for a kiss and a cuddle

36. Massage others (when appropriate!)

37. Question everything but never shoot the messenger

38. Read inspiring stories and share them

39. Learn to cook something new

40. Keep your secrets

41. Not only respect, but also honour others

42. Share all your good stuff

43. Surrender - the world does not rest on your shoulders, you are the dirt of the earth :)

44. Experience nature as much as possible

45. Pay for someone else once in a while

50. Listen to music from all over the world

51. Persist

52. Don't be afraid to be different

53. Don't try to be different

54. Burn incense every day

55. Spend time with children

56. Spend time with elderly people

57. Say "no" enough

58. Say "yes" enough

59. Get good headphones and listen to music while watching sunsets and sunrises

60. Yes...get up early so you have time to enjoy the start of the day

61. Don't hide your vulnerability, it's what connects you to others

62. Read the Yoga Sutra. Read it again

63. Pick your favourite fruit and describe it in as many ways as you can

64. Close your eyes and rely on your other senses

65. Don't argue with aggressive people, walk away

66. Be prepared to change your mind

67. Paint your toes in a colour that makes you smile

68. Celebrate the successes of others

69. Sleep early

70. Grow things from seeds

71. Be colourful

72. Wear comfortable shoes

73. Don't be afraid to get wet, walk in the rain, paddle in the sea

74. Enjoy your guilty pleasures, but don't be addicted to them

75. Don't buy stuff you don't need, you're stealing from yourself

76. Sponsor a child

77. Sing or whistle with the birds

78. Have a reusable water bottle on you

79. If you are a Yogi, practice all 8 limbs, no just Asana

80. Speak to those no one speaks to

81. Meet your neighbours

82. Ride a bike or a skateboard everywhere

83. Refuse to rush

84. Sit on the floor every day

85. Buy a tube of soap bubbles and blow some

86. Gift your favourite book to someone every so often

87. Give the senses a rest and turn off the idevices at home

88. Take a class in something new and random

89. Meditate or try to

90. Moisturize

91. Doodle

92. Donate all the stuff you don't use or wear

93. Use an eye bag every so often and relax

94. Nurture your friendships

95. Call home regularly

96. Buy flowers for someone every now and again

97. Write a poem

98. Feel your breath in your body

99. Do things without attachment to the outcome

100. Love <3